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BrandTunes About us

Our vision - building strong brands that delivers powerful long term results through strategic positioning and thinking

Our mission - tuning brands into great ideas that capture people's minds and make a difference in their lives

We believe that a successful brand is the product of strategy, creativity, and the willingness to break a few rules. Our innovative, customer focused, and targeted strategies achieve qualitative long term results.


We are a team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in the CEE region and over 20 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing communications, media relations, and business in general. We have more than 10 years of successful marketing communications expertise for different regional brands in the telecommunications industry.


Strategy, consulting, implementation plans, implementation monitoring, post-evaluation


Executive workshops, insight and market analysis, day-to-day monitoring and consulting, direct implementation, or silent counselling

Services Focused on

Brand strategy and positioning
Advertising strategy
Communication strategy
Competitive advantage analysis and insight
Digital strategy
Brand health check
Cross-border brands (development & maintaining)
Media strategy, tenders, and monitoring
Creative strategy, tenders, and monitoring
Corporate identity and culture


Our most valuable expertise is in defining realistic and focused communication strategies to build strong brands that deliver powerful long-term results through strategic positioning and thinking.

Tuning brands into great ideas that capture people’s minds and a make difference in their lives is the long-term objective of every genuine communications strategy. As we ourselves achieve great business results on the market within the industry on a daily basis, our strategies do not remain just mere strategies - they also produce results on the operational level through the appropriate adaptation to the market and the circumstances relevant to the client.


The implementation of strategy through quality execution is an important milestone in every successful brand transformation project.

The implementation of the agreed-upon strategy, together with the regional expertise of operational teams from the CEE market, is a guarantee for the relevance of the results and the successful implementation of every project.

In order to deliver either short-term or long-term goals, it is important to have verified partners on the market, regular checkpoint activities, a focus on the right direction, and continuous monitoring on defined project milestones.


In order to deliver new strategy approach and effective changes, or just to check relevance and efficiency of the existing one, post evaluation is a crucial learning path for the assessment of relevant impacts and sustainability of each project based on the successes parameter according to defined criteria.

Post evaluation service is done on the existing implemented strategy with the market relevant check points and expertise research tools.


Consulting services often seem shallow and out of contexts in reference to everyday operational needs of the company and its brands. Hiring relevant expert consultant with deep operational understanding and expertize on overall business, guaranties service with long term impact and significant savings in terms of finance and time.

Consulting services may be most relevant on projects such as tenders and pitches, strategy evaluation, quality implementation, cost control assignments, transformation plans, or just to provide guidance and expert advice for deeper levels of strategy implementation on defined market.

Brandtunes Work

Our consultant team has extensive experience across various categories, from both client and consultant sides:
NGO organizations
ICT sector
Wide experience allows us to bring new perspectives to our clients’ businesses, combining industry and client familiarity with a deep expertise in building integrated branding and marketing strategies.

Our Team Work With Professionals

Over 20 years of experience in the CEE region and more than 10 years in the telecommunications industry
Branka Letica
20+ years brand & campaign management
Associated project consultant Branka Letica
Simona Stefoska
20+ years brand strategy, positioning and brand management
Associated project consultant Simona Stefoska

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